Top 10 Time Saving Hair Tips For Good Hair

We all encourage women to pamper themselves, but life is sometimes quite busy. After a long day of hard work, who doesn’t want to go home to relax, but for some girls with long hair, shampooing and maintaining hair is a waste. Time-consuming things, obviously so tired, but it takes a lot of time to organize the hair.

However, in the face of hot summers, the problem of the oily or sweaty scalp, it is not always clean, so in order to understand the hard work of women, so use the simple ten hair care methods, lightly for women’s maintenance, have more time enjoy life.

Hair Tips

1. Action makes the hair smoother

For some really busy women, sometimes the hair is not in good condition, no matter how it is arranged, it is not good to look at it. At this time, you can give it a try and put all the hair to the side to reveal the usually shiny side of the back of the hair. , you can make your hair look more beautiful with one movement.

2. Quickly organize the curls before going out

After sleeping for one night, sometimes the curls become chaotic. At this time, it is too much trouble to wash and dry from the beginning, so you can choose the spray bottle with superfine mist to spray the water mist, so you can not completely wet the hair. Finish the curls, and at the same time, it can be quickly dried by the air, reducing the waste of time.

3. Quick recovery with a hair dryer

If you want to restore the curl to the curl, you can use the cold air of the hair dryer to blow in the opposite direction and at the same time, with the finger to move the tail, you can quickly restore the curl to the hair.

4. The correct way to comb the hair makes the hair softer

If you want to make the hair shinier, the correct hair combing action is necessary, the head is slightly raised back 45 degrees, all the hair is collected, combed back with a bristle brush, and the hair can be made by multiple combing movements. More lustrous.

5. Ten minutes to quickly create curly hair

curly hair

If you want to have a beautiful curl, you can choose a hair roll about 5 cm in diameter. After rolling up your hair, let it sit for 10~30 minutes to make a beautiful roll on the day.

6. Regular deep cleansing of the scalp

If you only have normal hair washing, sometimes it is difficult to fully take care of the scalp. Therefore, it is recommended to do a deep scalp cleaning every 1-2 months to metabolize the scalp keratin, which will help the scalp become healthier and reduce the usual time. The trouble of scalp maintenance.

7. Weekly deep repair

Healthy hair can reduce the fading of the hair after dyeing. For the hair after dyeing, it must be repaired at least once a week to slow down the fading of the hair while maintaining the hair condition.

8. Go out and use hair oil to make your hair shine more

If you want to increase the elasticity and luster of your hair, hair oil is a must-have item. When you use it, just drop it on your hand with a relatively small amount, let your hands push it evenly, and then put it on the hair. Just at the end of the hair.

9. Dry cleaning to save hair problems

Haircare is important, but too much hair will increase the weight of the hair, it will also affect the hair breathing. If you accidentally put too much hair on the day, you can use the dry cleaning to take the hair too much, you can absorb the excess hair. Residual hair

10. Spray water to resurrect hair

Even after finishing and maintaining the hair the night before, I slept and felt that the hair was another way. At this time, just use the spray to spray slightly in the hair to the end of the hair, you can restore the state of yesterday, reduce the re-smear. The amount of hair that makes the hair lighter.

10 bad habit hurt your hair most

often use a hairdryer

hair dryer

If the moisture contained in the hair is reduced to less than 10%, the hair becomes rough and bifurcated, and the result of frequent hair dryer blowing is the same. It is best to let the hair dry naturally. As for those who go to the beauty salon frequently, you can ask the hairdresser to take the hair dryer a little farther, don’t blow it on the scalp, and the time should not be too long.

do the modeling when wet hair

Although it is easier to make hair styling when wet hair, in fact, this damage to the hair is more than dry hair. Remember to apply the styling after the hair is dry because wet hair is more fragile if you really don’t have time to blow dry, and don’t want to shed your hair, please use a hair ring and a small hair clip to make a simple shape.

when the hair is dry, wipe some hair care

Dry hair, lack of luster, and more hair care products can be solved. I believe many people have tried this. In fact, excessive hair care will only put a burden on the hair. To wipe it, it is best to apply it only to the surface of the hair.

Dry the hair after washing it.

Using a towel to rub it hard will only make the hair dry and split. You should wrap your hair in a dry towel and gently press it. The dry towel will naturally absorb the moisture from the hair.

with the wrong hair ring

The hair ring is almost a must-have for all girls. It is also full of knowledge in the selection. The rubber hair ring will cause breakage and damage to the hair. The hair ring made of elastic cotton can avoid such damage.

the more shampoo foam the better

Many people think that the more force they use when shampooing, the more foam the shampoo will have and the cleaner the hair will be. In fact, this will make your hair dry. The foam of shampoo products should not be much more demanding, but the force should be gentle.

wearing a hair roll to sleep

The hair is rolled up in the curls, and it is inevitable that it will be hurt by the weight and pressure of the whole night, so this method is not advisable.

Dry your hair with a towel

When you rub your hair, accidentally yanking your hair will damage the hair roots and hair ends. The best way is to pat the hair and let them dry out quickly. This method may be time-consuming, but it can minimize damage to the hair and the effect is of course better.

do not give the hair rest time

If you are going to wipe the hair or hair gel every day, please try to leave the hair for two days a week, remember to clean your hair and go to sleep, in order to develop a healthy scalp and hair.

the perm is not successful again

Some people will come back again when the new hot hair is not satisfactory. Doing so will cause great damage to the hair.